Book Chapters

   Chapter 1 - Sex Before Marriage: There seems to be no topic discussed more in the church today than this topic. Does God in His Word have anything to say on this? Yes! Is there enough instruction to know His will concerning it? Yes! In fact, with God, there is no such thing. Sex before marriage is non-existent.

   Chapter 2 - Joseph and Mary: This chapter gives insight to the truth of being married by God (MbGOD) exemplified by the marriage between Joseph and Mary, God's involvement in using existing culture to His benefit, and other details surrounding the events leading up to the birth of Christ.

   Chapter 3 - Marriage: It is here where being MbGOD is fully explained. I include the many aspects of what the Bible attaches to God's concept of marriage and its applications, for example, being betrothed/espoused, fornication, divorce, separation, reconciliation, and sex between a husband and wife. All based on Scripture, of course.

   Chapter 4 - Marriage License: Does God accept the marriage certificate? Is this the instrument that God uses to bind two people together? What about homosexuals and this license? How many of these does God allow in a lifetime? Did this document come from God? In this chapter all of these questions are addressed.

   Chapter 5 - Digging Deeper: In this chapter we dig deeper into the biblical concept of marriage by examining Old and New Testament Scripture, which gives clear insight to what it means to be MbGOD. It provides examples of true marriage, virginity, nakedness, and whether marriage is celestial or not.

   Chapter 6 - Rape: No need to say much on this. The Bible is not totally mute when it comes to this subject. In one instance, in the Bible, many claim that rape had occurred, but I show that this was not the case at all.

   Chapter 7 - Fornication: Ask the meaning of this word and you will get numerous definitions. Are any of these definitions accurate? Well, after you read this chapter you will know without a doubt what its meaning is and how it applies to marriage. Jesus said it is the only reason one can divorce their spouse, therefore, we had better know what it means. Right?

   Chapter 8 - Our Body and Spirit is Christ's: What does marriage have to do with our connection to Christ, both body and soul? The Bible says that when one commits fornication it is the only sin that is commited against one's own body. What does this mean? Can marriage cause us to harm our oneness with the Lord? After all, we are commanded to know how to possess our vessels.

   Chapter 9 - Adultery: This is a great sin against marriage. What constitutes adultery? Can premarital sex be adulterous? Can one commit adultery even though one is legally divorced? You will know the answers to these questions and more after reading this chapter.

   Chapter 10 - Homosexuality: Does this engagement fit into God's plan of marriage? Can homosexuals be MbGOD? Some will argue that Jesus never spoke anything about this behavior, therefore, it is not wrong. Was Christ silent on this behavior? I say he wasn't. He did reference it.

   Chapter 11 - Beastiality: Do people actually engage in this? How does this have anything to do with marriage?

   Chapter 12 - Incest: Just when does this apply and are there any examples? You'll see!

   Chapter 13 - Polygamy: Some people say this is biblically acceptable while others dispute that claim. I'll throw my two cents in on this subject as well.

   Chapter 14 - Divorce: Oh my! This action is now what the church is most famous for. What a testament. Is the church wrong or does the world not understand? God's people would not do what the Bible says is wrong, would they? Didn't Jesus allow divorce? God wouldn't expect me to stay married living under these conditions, would he?

   Chapter 15 - So What Do We Do Now: This chapter will have much more meaning to you after reading the book than before.